I'm redoing this website. In the meantime, here are some things.

Tarab - Middle Eastern Jazz Fusion

Zimbamoto - Zimbabwean Afrobeat

Naad - Meditation Journey

Midnight Mangoes - World Fusion Pop

 The Drop and The Sea 12'' single

The arts have been my main interest since early childhood and at the moment I focus on music, experimenting with all sorts of instruments, styles and technologies. As a multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer I bring my unique vibe and progressive quality to any musical project.

Aside from music, I have had experience in drawing, painting, graphic design, web design, photography and creative writing. I currently live in Vancouver, B.C. and work as a communications professional and public relations writer.

valou.greg [at] gmail.com

In music, drone means sustain with intention. I absolutely love droning, whether its high-volume amplifier feedback, crystal singing bowls or other specialized instruments.

As a basis for a musical performance, drones set the mood and help establish a sense of freedom.

So if you're going to drone, what better thing to sustain with intention, than love?